Amazing things you can do with your smartphone

I have many classes, dedicated to smartphones, and all the amazing things you can do with them.  I have it broken down into areas of interest, such as.

and many more.

You may need to do your own search for some apps such as the Google Play store for androids. I will be putting this together in video format as soon as possible.

You can find the class information here. The list of uses for your camera, is growing constantly, and now is approaching almost 100! Photography is without doubt, one of the most popular uses of our smartphones, and the hardware and apps that take advantage of these amazing devices is growing daily. I have included some samples on this website.

Here is a list of some of the apps and hardware, I have found very useful.

Apps I think everyone should have or at least try.

Hydra – still photography
Filmic Pro – video photography

A Password Manager
Red Laser
Scanner Pro

Maps and navigation
Google Maps and Navigation Apps like Geocaching, HearPlanet, Waze or a find my car App or device like “ZUS”.

Action Movie
Intro Mate

News and Reference
Star Walk
Wolfram Alpha

Amazon Flow
Apps for shopping at your favorite stores. Mine includes Walmart, Costco and Amazon.

Google search
Google Translate

Safety and Emergency

All of the Made by Apple Apps like iMovie, Pages, Numbers, Garageband etc.
Any finance Apps to give you access to your bank or credit cards. Mine is BofA.
Your favorite social networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus, or others.
AppsGoneFree or AppAdvice or anything similar for getting tips and ideas on Apps.

Best Smart Phone Mount Ever

I have used the Mountek CD mount for my iPhone 6 Plus for over a year now, and it has been the best mount I have ever bought. Now the company is coming out with a new version that will allow you to mount just about any device you may need, such as a GPS, GoPro, iPad, satellite radio, or almost any device you have. My car looks like the interior of a modern jet, with all my gadgets mounted, and this CD mount is a great addition, and a great use for an otherwise unused slot in my car. Really, who plays Cd’s anymore? The only complaint I have heard, is that when mounted, the device potentially could cover up something else you want to be able to see, such as the display for your radio, but this has not been an issue for me and was a small price to pay for such a cool mount!

Samsung Galaxy S7

The company’s website says that a new Samsung Galaxy S7 is going to be unveiled on Feb 21, 2016. They are not saying too much, and even the video ad is a teaser, but no doubt this is going to be an awesome phone! Keep you eyes on this one.

Trying to decide which phone to buy? Read this.

You may change your mind after seeing the new one anyway!

It’s official. The S7 is now available and here is one review of it.


Zus Smart Car Charger

Zus Smart Car Charger

This an amazing smart charger device that puts 4 very useful features in one very well designed and useful product, and at a price less than most retail chargers alone!

  1. It’s a nicely designed car charger with 2 charging ports
  2. It’s an elegant light
  3. It’s a car locator
  4. It even has a parking time alert built-in!

Car Finder and Charger in One!

Even on their fundraising page this device is $34.95 Plus shipping but these guys put together a deal for $29.99 that includes free shipping!

Samsung Galaxy S6

Which phone should I Buy?

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has some amazing new features, and some that will probably annoy owners of previous models of this device. My own initial impression of this device is that it is amazing and you really cannot go wrong with a beautiful device like this. Some of my favorite new features are a quick charging mode, which can recharge the device to 4 hours of additional usage in only 10 minutes! My next favorite feature is the camera, which boasts a 16MP rear camera and a 5MP front facing camera as well as 4K video. For more detailed specs you can check out complete product details on the Samsung website through the link provided.

Things gone are features like waterproofing, easily replaceable battery, and memory upgrades using micro SD cards.


Carson Optics Adapter

Carson Optics Adapter

HookUpz™ Universal – IS-100

The HookUpz™ Universal adapter connects any smart phone to any optical device in seconds. It is compatible with all popular phones (except phablets i.e Samsung Galaxy Note, iPhone 6 Plus & Lumina 920) and all nearly all optics (except rifle scopes). It fits any smart phone with or without a case (you can even use a charging case for hours of continual, uninterrupted use). The Universal adapter can be used on binoculars, monoculars, spotting scopes, telescopes, microscopes or night vision. The perfect accessory for all your digiscoping needs…

It is easy to use, no glue or complicated pieces needed. Features a self-centering clamp with release grips that can hold optics over a very large range of diameters for all types of optics. Self-centering clamp means you don’t have to realign for different optics. Fits a wide range of optics with an outer eyepiece diameter of 20-58mm. The releasable clamp allows you to let go of device and the optic is automatically in place at the perfect alignment. Phone alignment only needs to be done once initially, with two point alignment lock knobs. Has a single arm phone clamp for easy and quick installation and removal of phone during repeated use.

It’s small, portable and lightweight so you can bring it with you anywhere. Share images & videos captured in the field quickly & easily! Digiscoping has never been easier with the Universal.

CD Mobile Mount

Finally! A good use for my slot in my CD player! A mobile device mount that goes into the CD player slot, or other slot on your dash for hands free use of your mobile phone or other mobile device. The company is called Mountek