Facebook in the 70s

Facebook in the 70s

Facebook in the 70s is a very funny parody of what Facebook would have been like in the 70’s, I think it’s pretty accurate about how Facebook would have been in the 70s!


Between Two Ferns

with Zach Galifianakis and Charlize Theron. The best talk-show ever!

Between Two Ferns

I have realized after watching this with different people, that not everybody gets his sense of humor, but I watch it when I need a good laugh and Charlize is awesome too!

iPhone Food Photography

iPhones and other mobile devices get used to take photos of food and share on social networks.  I have never been able to figure out why it’s so hard for people to think of something a little more interesting to share? iPhone food photography shows just how ridiculous this can be!


I Hate Wine Country

I think I might be related to her, because I hate wine country too!


She may have some issues, I still love her!