Aerial Lake Tahoe

These guys did an amazing job of creating a unique aerial view of my hometown of Lake Tahoe. A true paradise that I feel very fortunate to have grown up at. I would definitely hire these guys for my aerial video needs.

Smartphone Focus Groups

These are focus groups from various types of users. Know anybody from any of these categories?

Toddlers Focus Group

Seniors Focus Group

Models Focus Group

Guidos Focus Group

Surfers Focus Group

Glam Rockers Focus Group

Smartphone Focus Groups

Amazon Drones

Amazon drones to deliver packages in 30 minutes or less using Air Drones! Maybe Santa has new helpers? This is absolute Dog Doodie, but I wanted to post it here because it is a classic example of how to use video to get others to spread the word for you! No controversy here!

This guy definitely was not happy about this stunt!



Always experimenting with new ways of displaying content on websites. Used Crazytalk to create a short animation of my Pooch named “Cujo” – Actually he is my sisters pooch, but I like to think he is mine.

I think he does a great job and we will see more of him for sure!