A Safer Gun

After buying one of these for myself, I started doing research online and found that there is nothing unique or innovative about this gun or the “Chemical” pellets that it shoots.

This gun is nothing more than an air pistol by a company called Tippmann Supply, and even the “Chemical Pellets” or “Pepper Pellets” are readily available from many sources and for a lot cheaper.

On one hand this was very disappointing to discover, on the other, it’s a good thing because that means there are a lot of choices for guns, accessories, and ammunition.

Below are images of the “Safer Gun” by Salt Supply and the TIPX Pistol by Tippmann Supply. Look Familiar? $350 at Salt Supply and about $220 for just the gun from MFG.

Link to TippMann – makers of the gun and accessories

Link to dealer where you can buy the gun and “Non Lethal” Peppershot™ PAVA Max Payload Live Agent Less Lethal Rounds (10X Hot) Tube of 10


The Safer Gun is designed primarily for home protection, that fires chemical bullets instead of regular bullets, so you can protect yourself and your family without being “lethal”. I have carried and owned guns for many years but I would prefer a non-lethal way of protection. I can’t imagine even being in a situation where deadly force was necessary, and I would feel much more comfortable incapacitating someone, and letting the authorities handle it from there. I have not had a chance to try this out for myself, but will do soon, so I can give feedback on its effectiveness and how well it works. I also am a proponent of the safety and emergency apps available for your smartphones, here is just one example.

Here is one users review of the Gun recently.

Here are a couple of videos that may help you decide if one of these is right for you?

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