Electric Bikes

The Storm Electric Bike claims to be the world’s most affordable, versatile electric bike, and guess what? It appears that they are in the middle of a lawsuit. Yahoo Tech has a very thorough report on this here.

A very similar product called the Sondors Thin Electric Bike, is very affordable, and they look legit.

My experience with Indigo and Kickstarter campaigns has not been good, and I don’t recommend them to anyone. The problem is you are risking sending money to an organization, that may not even produce what they claim, and I prefer to deal with “established” companies. Read the article and you will see what I mean.

One example of my experience with this, was an Indigo campaign for a product called a Rocketbook which I posted about here. Fortunately, that only cost me about $35 to learn my lesson!

There are a lot of electric bikes being offered out there now, and I will post a list of some of the ones I have come across, and you can make up your own mind.

When you start shopping for these, I think you will find 3 categories of these new hybrid electric solutions, for providing an electric bike experience for yourself.

  1. For affordability the Sondors Thin Electric Bike looks to be a good choice.
  2. A new company called Hycore, is building a wheel you can attach to the bike you may already own, and turn it into an Electric Bike Experience. No pricing available yet. I actually found 3 companies, just this morning that offer wheel conversion kits to turn your bike into an electric bike. Even one on Amazon for $239!
  3. For a top end experience, and really almost like a motorcycle, Bolt Motorbikes, is offering one that is the experience of a motorcycle, with the ease of a bicycle. It also has one of the highest price tags.

How popular is this topic right now? If you do your own Google search today you will find About 9,570,000 results for the term “Electric Bike” and even on Amazon you will find 64,558 results for “electric bike”

Just to name a few electric bikes.

Check out the Jay Leno Garage Video.

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