Safety and Emergency

Huge strides have been made when it comes to safety apps and devices for the smartphones since my original post about this in November of 2014, so I am re-publishing this post with some updated information. Also here is a great list of apps from AppPicker

React Mobile™ is one of the few companies I have found that makes a hardware device you can use or give to someone, like your child, to quickly summon help in an emergency. Let’s face it, in a real emergency, you don’t have much time to think!

React Sidekick Personal Panic Button by React Mobile from Robb on Vimeo.

My sisters new Samsung Galaxy comes with a really cool feature that sends emergency information out to a predetermined list of emergency contacts that you set yourself, and then simply by tapping a side button on the phone, it will notify that list of your location, takes a picture with the front and rear facing cameras, and even records audio! Of course if you are out of cell range or a WiFi signal, this technology won’t help much, but you would not be able to call 911 either, and there are satellite based systems that you can get to help in back-country or spotty coverage areas.

If you have some other device that may not have this feature built into it, there is another company making a device that I believe has real promise. It’s called React Mobile™. While it’s not the only app or device to offer this, I liked the feature they offer, of a small device that can be put on your key-chain, or perhaps your hips, for quick access to get help, even if your phone is in your pocket or purse. Another trend in personal protection apps that I am starting to see, is the integration of services like Facebook and Twitter for notifications. I have seen people react to something on Facebook and Twitter, even quicker than they responded to an email or a phone message, so this will be a welcome and useful additional way to contact people in an emergency. My iPhone equivalent of this is the new health apps which includes a feature called “Medical ID” with emergency information that can be accessed by emergency personnel. It works kind of like an ID bracelet with important information about you, your medical conditions, allergies and emergency contacts.

Some of React Mobile™ features are:

React Mobile™ keeps you connected and secure whenever you feel unsafe. Share your location with trusted contacts and return home safely.

  • Follow Me – Real-Time Tracking
  • Worldwide Emergency Support
  • Send Emergency Alerts via Email & SMS
  • Post Emergency Alerts to Facebook & Twitter
  • Share Location with Friends
  • Automatic 911 Dialing Support

There are so many companies coming out with apps and devices for personal safety that I cannot even keep up. Just do your own search for something like “safety devices and apps” and you will see what I mean!

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