Kula 3d Camera

Kula 3D Camera Accessory

This is a cool and simple gadget that allows you to capture instantly 3D photos and videos with virtually any smartphone and start enjoying 3d content on many devices.

Capture the moment in 3D – kula3d.com from KÚLA on Vimeo.

How can I view the 3D Images?

There are so many ways you can view these that you are sure to have hours of fun with them. Here are some:

was invented in the 18th century and gives a splendid 3D experience. Print a side-by-side Kúla image and enjoy with this old school method.

Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard are an example of virtual reality (VR) devices which can be used to watch 3D content captured with Kúla’s lenses.

Our software Kúlacode can convert your Kúla pictures and videos to a format the 3D TVs love and adore.

is used to view side-by-side images and videos. Kúla’s stereoviewer comes with Kúla Deeper for viewing the 3D images directly on the camera display.

Kúla’s CinemaBox comes with Kúla Bebe. You can watch your 3D pictures directly by inserting your phone with your Kúla pictures into the cinemabox. You can also use it to watch 3D videos on YouTube.

The left and the right perspectives are displayed after eachother, at a relatively high frequency, giving you a sense of depth

is a classic. You can either make your own disc or use a service company to make one from Kúla’s 3D pictures

gives a splendid 3D experience! Click here to master the method

Kúlacode can process your images and export to the red/cyan  anaglyph format. Anaglyph glasses come with Kúla’s products.

3D devices included with kúla deeper:

Kúla’s stereo viewer for viewing images at a close distance (~10cm) intended for the camera display
Anaglyph glasses

3D devices included with kúla bebe:

Kúla’s CinemaBox which fits for most common smartphones. Watch the Kúla pictures or videos in 3D while you record them or whenever you like
Anaglyph glasses

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