Should you Buy an iPad Pro or a Surface Pro

Should I buy the new iPad Pro or Microsoft Surface Pro?

This topic has quickly become every bit as heated as the subject of which phone should I buy. Which I wrote an article about back in April of 2014 at

I will share a couple of video reviews I came across as well, comparing the iPad Pro, and the Microsoft Surface, in a way that is not only hilarious, but pretty accurate in terms of how people feel about this stuff!

So, how do you decide?

First and most important, I think, is what ecosystem are you into now, or plan on using? Windows world, or Apple world? This question is, in my opinion, critical to your decision, because it’s not just about one device anymore. Most folks have a smart phone, a desktop or laptop and now, smart watches and tablets.

The entire “user experience” is important because if you stick with the same systems for all your tech, generally speaking, everything flows better and is designed to work together. A great example of this is the ability to start a task on one device, and seamlessly pick up where you left off on the other. Sharing content is also “seamless”. My own experience with this has been excellent on the Apple devices and the newest IOS 9 update. I can’t honestly say how this works on Windows devices, even though I am a heavy Windows 10 user, but I have supported the Windows world for many years and have a feeling everyone else is playing catch-up to Apple in this arena, especially for “Non-Techy” users.

If you were trying to decide between an iPad Pro and a Surface Pro for example, and that was the only technology you were considering, it simply boils down to what you plan on doing with it.

I think they are both very different devices and it’s like comparing Apples to Oranges.

The Surface Pro for example is a complete computer system capable of running full versions of software and can truly replace your desktop or laptop while the iPad Pro is currently meant for very different uses and cannot run equivalent “desktop” versions of software like Final Cut or Photoshop. It will come to that eventually, but frankly it was not intended to replace your desktop system.

My own personal equipment list

A Windows 10 Desktop

I still prefer this system for my day to day tasks but mainly because I still run software that I prefer and has no equivalent replacement for on the Mac yet. Also because I still support these systems every day.

Even though Microsoft has “Screwed The Pooch” many time over the years on versions of their OS, they are not going anywhere and with the newest Windows 10 have really come a long way and are still an excellent choice for many users.

A MacBook Pro

The number 1 thing that this system does way better than the Windows system is video editing. I also feel that the Apple ecosystem is better “across the board” experience when using many devices.

What I like most about Apple products, are the quality across the board, on all of their products. Every little detail is paid respect, and the only other company that comes to mind that is similar in philosophy is Disney. Think about everywhere you look at Disney is detailed, and nobody else comes close. Even walking into an Apple store is like going into an art gallery. The quality of their service is also above any other company out there and I wish more companies would offer that same level of commitment to their customers.

An iPhone 6 Plus

Already addressed this one at

An iPad Pro

This one comes down to “need” or “want”. I don’t really need this, especially with my MacBook Pro, but I do want the features it gives me like watching videos, browsing the internet and checking emails when working remotely. I prefer the instant on and off, and interface in general for “remote” computing. The applications designed for these devices are far superior for uses away from the desk, and when combined with the cameras, GPS, Gyro and things like the fingerprint sensor, it’s a far superior experience for how I like to work remotely. This is a perfect example of how you use it makes a big difference. Imagine for example you have your Notebook or Surface computer and you want to do something very simple like take a picture or a video (Smartphone still the best for this, obviously), you would find it more cumbersome to do some of these tasks. I also still prefer the experience of using something like Siri to get directions or find information about something while “remote computing”. I constantly am turning my device on and off to add notes, reminders, record a picture, video, or audio, ask Siri something, look something up, and the list goes on. This is still the absolute best device for those tasks and because I use other Apple products, it’s a joy because all of them work together.

Thin Ice Weight Loss

This one sounds too good to be true! – Thin Ice Weight Loss

So, here’s the deal, you put an insole into your shoe and it tricks your body into thinking it’s cold, and it burns calories!

Brilliant, if it works? With over half a million raised on Indigo and a planned release date sometime in 2016, I have to keep an eye on this one!

Thin Ice Weight Loss from Thin Ice Weight Loss on Vimeo.