Garmin Dash Cam

There are a lot of Apps that can easily turn your smartphone into a full featured “Dash Cam”. You may have already seen some of the popular YouTube videos that have captured all kinds of crazy stuff. I find I use my iPhone too much for it to be a good choice for me personally, so I purchased a Garmin Dash Cam that is a dedicated device that is only used for this, but I still will experiment with the Apps to use my device in other scenarios as a Dash Cam too.

The thing I have learned about catching video is if it’s not always on you are going to miss it. It just is too hard to be in the moment and be able to pull out your device and respond in time. By using a device that is always recording you will be sure to capture that important event. Who knows, maybe you will capture Bigfoot or a UFO?

Another similar use that relates to this is helping you to stay safe or get help in an emergency.

I have had a chance to use this product for a few months now, and I can say that I doubt anyone is doing a better job with the quality of not only the camera, but also the supported software. An example is the Dash-Cam viewer software that lets you view an amazing amount of detail about heading, speed, time and date, and even shows your route on a map in real time.


Here is some recent footage from this camera – It’s Excellent!


The OSMO is a handheld video stabilizer that will put professional level capabilities into the hands of anyone, and at a price anyone who wants truly cinematic results can afford. And if that’s not enough, it also has built-in functions for Time lapse, 360, and Long Exposure photography!