StoreDot Battery

Charge a smartphone in 1 minute and a car in 5! You next smartphone might just have this tech in it.

StoreDot Battery is a new technology from an Israeli based company that will radically change how we use our smartphones and will make battery powered cars much more feasible for everyone. Read about them on their website and you will see why.


Vidometer is a very cool app that lets you overlay information on your videos such as, speed, altitude, and even maps in the pro version.

I have been using a dash-cam in my car for some time now, and I am getting to really like the ability to see all this detail on my videos, especially for trips and trying to show someone where the coolest motorcycle roads or scenic drives are is way easier and more informative when you can overlay a map.

HearPlanet Audio Guide

I have posted about the HearPlanet Audio Guide in the past, but I have always believed in supporting the programs I like to use myself because that way, the more people who use the product the better chances that they will stay around, and the more improvements we can expect from them.

When you are in a new city, and want to know what things to see and do, what’s the first thing you would normally do? Probably ask a local? Well, this app is like having a “Virtual Tour-guide” with you everywhere you go. I have even used it to find new and interesting things to do in my Hometown. This has, and remains to be one of the best apps of its kind, and I encourage you to download and try this one yourself. You will be amazed!

I am excited to see what they do next with this one.

Goal Zero Solar Charging

While I am not terribly happy with the cost of this Goal Zero Solar Charger, from what have found, it is the best quality and has the most options of any charging system out there. It can be adapted to any charging needs you might have. As with anything, you get what you pay for, and I also appreciate the philosophy of the company and what they are trying to do for less fortunate people of the world.

If you really want to be off-the-grid, these will do the trick! I have a portable unit very similar to this, but what really sets this one apart from that is the ability to charge with Solar, and it has my more options for devices you can connect to it.


While this app still seems to work just fine, I was just informed by the makers, that there are no plans to continue development and support of the IOS products. I imagine not enough people supported the IOS versions so they are focusing on their desktop versions which are also awesome.

Crazytalk is an amazing app that lets you easily create talking animated videos with little effort. You can actually create a video just using your voice and I use these all the time to create business and how-to videos as well.

This one was just a fun on of my sisters dog Butch, sometimes it’s good to just have fun! Available as an IOS app and software for your computer.

I get people asking me all the time. How do I create videos for my product or business? Well, with apps like this there really is no excuse, and of course its just plain fun!

Touchcast App

The Touchcast App is my favorite tool to date I have found for doing all kinds of amazing videos, even using green screen and using nothing more than my iPad or iPhone. A lot of my instructional videos on my YouTube channel were created quickly and easily with this amazing app. Check it out for yourself here or watch this tutorials on how you can use this app and green screen tech to create your own amazing videos. The software is now available for the desktop too!


Flic Smartbutton

The Flic Smartbutton is a device that’s lets you control all kinds of features and apps on your device, just by pressing the button.

Just a few ideas of what you could do with it.

  • Control your lights
  • Play music
  • Take picture
  • Timer
  • Send distress signal
  • Navigate
  • Let someone in
  • Make a fake call
  • Order pizza
  • Find your phone
  • Set the right mode
  • Share location
  • Call your favorites