WorldCard Mobile

WorldCard Mobile iPhone Version uses your camera to capture and recognizing business cards .

It automatically sorts and recognizes information by name, company, position, address, phone number, email address and other fields. Then it exports information to the address book on iPhone. No entering information manually!

Gardnerville Windstorm

I made the mistake of driving my car in the middle of this storm, and quickly learned I should have stayed out of harms way! Fortunately, the cow patties are pretty soft, but I did have to replace both air filters in my car.

Beartooth Radio

Beartooth Radio allows iOS and Android devices to communicate even if the cellular network is unavailable, failed, or congested. No matter what activity you are enjoying, you can now reliably stay in contact with your group in ways that were previously unavailable. Beartooth allows for true peer-to-peer communication between the devices, completely bypassing the Wi-Fi and cellular network.


iSwimband turns your mobile device into your own personal lifeguard!

Revolutionary Drowning Detection.

iSwimband is a wearable accessory which will alert your Bluetooth-enabled phone, tablet, or music player if a swimmer has been submerged beyond a preset time limit, or if a non-swimmer (such as a toddler) enters the water.

While nothing replaces diligent human supervision, iSwimband provides an extra layer of protection in and around the water.

Skybell iPhone Doorbell

Answer Your Door with your SmartPhone

SkyBell is a smart video doorbell that allows you to see, hear, and speak to anyone at your door whether you’re at home, or on the go.

See who’s at your door from anywhere with Wi-Fi or 4G LTE coverage. Free mobile app gives you control over answer your door.

Always be Home

SkyBell gives you the control, convenience and safety you’ve never had before. Whether you’re home or away, feel confident knowing you can see who’s at your door!

Motion Sensor

Receive alert even if visitor doesn’t press button

On-Demand Access

Access camera feed from the app

Night Vision

See visitor at night without them noticing

Multiple Users

Multiple users and devices can receive alerts


Only SkyBell operates from -40 to 150 degrees F

Silent Mode

Turn off home doorbell chime from app

Bad Elf GPS Pro+

What I like best about this one, is I can use it on my newer iPhone 6 Plus with and my older iPad Gen 3.

The Bad Elf GPS Pro+ adds GLONASS reception, a barometric altimeter, advanced USB features, and double the data logging storage capacity already popular in the Bad Elf GPS Pro. Run all day with the 24 hour battery, stream your NMEA GPS data over USB to any computer, record up to 200 hours of data logs, and access those data logs via USB cable just like a thumb drive.