Prexiso iPhone Laser

The Prexiso iC4 is the world’s first iPhone connector that allows you to measure distances accurately using the latest Swiss laser technology.
This innovative product was designed for iPhone 4/4S users who want to simply measure distances. With the Prexiso iC4 and the free Prexiso App you receive laser precision in a convenient iPhone solution. Impress your family, friends or clients by using the Prexiso iC4 for any tasks where measurements are required:

iPhone Cataract Detection

The CATRA Eyepiece for Mobile Phones is a snap-on eyepiece and app that can detect cataracts. We are spoiled in our culture to have access to high-end devices to get an exam for this but in less fortunate countries this will bring the ability to do eye exams in those areas. A very cool use of technology.

Mota Smart Ring

The Mota Smart Ring is a ring which pairs with your device with Bluetooth and will notify you of various incoming messages. I have been using a Pebble Smart-Watch for some time now and I really like the ability to see incoming messages and calls, without having to dig out my phone. While the Smart-Watch will probably do quite a bit more than this ring will be capable of, I have found the only thing I really use regularly on the Smart-Watch is the incoming calls and messaging feature, and if you don’t want to wear a watch, this will be more stylish.

This company makes other devices like this SmartWatch too




ArmorGrip is a case for your iPhone 6 Plus for one handed operation and protection. I have had my new iPhone 6 Plus for about a week now and both my Dad and myself are finding that it is much easier to drop, mainly because when you try and operate it with one hand it is very easy to drop. It’s also surprisingly smooth and light. I believe this kind of case will solve the problem. I used to use something similar for my iPad because that was easy to drop too. The comapny claims that this case will also solve any issues with the so called “Bendgate” issue.

Mobile Payment Solutions

Now that Apple Pay is in the game, I am curious how and where people are using “Mobile Payment Solutions”. Apple Pay is the most talked about recently, but there are a few other choices out there for anyone to pay more conveniently and more securely.

How about you, are you using any of these?


CD Mobile Mount

Finally! A good use for my slot in my CD player! A mobile device mount that goes into the CD player slot, or other slot on your dash for hands free use of your mobile phone or other mobile device. The company is called Mountek