Onyx-Beep is the first wearable of its kind, it puts the power of group communication at your fingertips in a small wearable device. Collaborate anywhere you have a data connection – across the street or around the world. For discreet conversations, Onyx works with your headphones and mic. A sort of worldwide walkie talkie.

Smart Pacifier

Smart Pacifier by Blue Maestro are the inventors of the world’s first Bluetooth™ Smart baby pacifier – Pacifi™. Pacifi™ is unique in that it records a baby’s temperature and passes it to a parent’s smartphone where it can be tracked and medication recorded. The ability to plot the effect medication has on temperature is particularly useful, no more scrambling for a pen and paper or trying to remember in your head. With useful reminders and alerts it becomes a peace of mind at stressful times. Comes with a range of other useful features, such as the ability to find the pacifier with your smartphone as well as a proximity feature that alerts your smartphone if the pacifier moves away from you.


3D Mobile Scanner

The First 3D Mobile Scanner is Here.

Why would you want this? If you are not into the obvious uses for this technology, such as 3D modeling, gaming, etc, the most useful would be the ability to scan a room in seconds and create floor plans. Useful for Real Estate Agents, to name one.

Just received word from the company that they are now compatible with the iPad Pro. This includes their 3D software and a special bracket for the new iPad Pro for their hardware “Structure Sensor”


iPin Laser Pointer for iPhone

iPin Mobile-powered laser presenter for professionals

iPin is the final brick of transforming your iPhone into a professional laser presenter. It is delicately engineered to be small, and so small that it fits just right inside the headphone minijack. With downloadable iPin app support, it allows you to control presentation slides straight from your phone. No more fumbling for new batteries or misplaced laser pointer. iPin is ready to use anytime, anywhere. iPin – makes your phone shines brighter than ever! I will be keeping an eye on this one to make sure it compatible with the newer phones.