Galileo iPhone Tripod

This company started out great, but recently they have been unresponsive and don’t seem to be keeping up with their products so I can no longer recommend them.

Robotic-Automatic 360 and Panoramic iPhone Camera Tripod

With Galileo iPhone Tripod, you can rotate an iPhone or iPod Touch in any direction, from anywhere in the world. The thing I like using mine most for is creating panoramas of both interior and exterior scenes. You can see some samples of “Spheres” created with this here. Originally I purchased this for my iPhone 5S and thankfully, they will be coming out with new mounts for the newer iPhones-iPads, and even a mount for the GoPro.

When I first purchased this device, it had some issues and felt it was not ready for prime time. I am happy to report that the company has been responsive to my issues, and seem to be here to stay.


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