50 Tips for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

50 Tips for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus running IOS 8

The list below are items from the video listed which are features for an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus.

Show Accessibility Settings
Turn on Voice Over
Turn Off Voice Over
Hide Quick-type
Easily send photos/videos and audio in messages
Better photo syncing through photo and camera setting and much more.
Selectively clear your browser cache
Location based shortcuts on lock screen. Like when you are near a Starbucks you will see an icon on lower left of screen and you can go right into their Application.
Customize mail options
Quickly hide a draft of email by dragging down
Lots of options on mail messages by swiping to the left
More choices on notification banners
Third party keyboards
Recent contact and favorites on top of screen from multitasking screen
Easily delete all or only selected notifications
Fine tune exposure in camera
Time-lapse photos
Built in quick tips
Enable do not disturb for individual contact or chat
Enhanced spotlight search
Custom sharing options
Better App categories
More photo editing options
Add travel time to calendar notifications
Auto song wish-list from SIRI searches
Battery usage control
More search engine choices like Duck Duck Go
Better formatting options in notes
Improved weather updates
Hand-off feature
Health Apps
Scan credit card options in Safari
WiFi calling
Ability to hide photos
Raise to listen which works for audio messages and to use SIRI
Auto erase text messages options
Disable notifications for specific Apps
“Hey SIRI” when plugged in
Easily purchase music right from listening screen
Voice dictation improvements
Family sharing
Send last location, great for finding your phone when battery dies
Speak screen option
Grey-scale mode to save battery
Ask SIRI what song is playing

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