Parrot Bebop Drone


  • Stabilized 14 megapixel “fisheye” camera
  • Record video in full HD 1080p and share instantly
  • Advanced 3-axis video stabilization system
  • Live video streaming on your Smartphone or tablet
  • 180° vision control on your Smartphone and tablet
  • Built with safety in mind: propellers stop in case of contact
  • GPS embedded for automatic return home and high altitude flight control
  • Dual core processor with quad-core GPU
  • 8GB memory Flash storage
  • Connect to the Parrot Cloud to keep track of your flights, navigation data and to share videos and photos
  • Easy to pilot with the free dedicated App: Freeflight 3
  • Weight: 380g/13.40oz without the hull – 400g/14.11oz with the hull


  • Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
  • Wi-Fi antennas: MIMO dual-band with 2 double-set of dipole antennas for 2.4 and 5 GHz
  • Sending power: Up to 26 dBm
  • Signal range: up to 300 meters/984 feet

Galileo iPhone Tripod

This company started out great, but recently they have been unresponsive and don’t seem to be keeping up with their products so I can no longer recommend them.

Robotic-Automatic 360 and Panoramic iPhone Camera Tripod

With Galileo iPhone Tripod, you can rotate an iPhone or iPod Touch in any direction, from anywhere in the world. The thing I like using mine most for is creating panoramas of both interior and exterior scenes. You can see some samples of “Spheres” created with this here. Originally I purchased this for my iPhone 5S and thankfully, they will be coming out with new mounts for the newer iPhones-iPads, and even a mount for the GoPro.

When I first purchased this device, it had some issues and felt it was not ready for prime time. I am happy to report that the company has been responsive to my issues, and seem to be here to stay.


Arlo Wireless HD Security Camera

100% wire-free Arlo cameras can be mounted anywhere. In-out, in daylight or dark, they’ll keep an HD eye on everything. Have peace of mind in your pocket with motion alerts and simultaneous viewing of up to four cameras, using a free mobile app.



Complete List of Siri Commands

This is the list of apps Apple says SIRI will work with. Siri is an ever evolving tool that will only get better with time, and more uses will be found for it, and if you find some of the commands don’t work for you, the idea here is to help you understand some things Siri can be used for.

If you simply ask Siri “Siri, what can I ask you” you will be presented with a pretty comprehensive list of things to ask Siri. experiment, have fun and remember, the more you use Siri, the better it will get, for all of us!

Siri works with almost all the built-in apps. And it’s smart enough to figure out which apps to use to provide you with answers. It also uses Search and Location Services to help you with your requests. Here’s a list of apps and services that Siri works with worldwide:

  • Phone
  • FaceTime
  • Dictation
  • Music
  • Mail
  • Messages
  • Calendar
  • Reminders
  • Notes
  • Contacts
  • Alarms
  • World Clock
  • Timer
  • Weather
  • Shazam
  • Stocks
  • Web search
  • Wikipedia search
  • Wolfram|Alpha (English only)
  • Find My Friends
  • Post on Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Movies
  • Sports
  • App launch
  • Maps
  • Local search

One of the most important things you need to do to insure SIRI works for you is to define your “Relationships”. Basically SIRI needs to know who you are, who your common contacts are, etc. In addition, it’s very helpful to put everyone you interact with into your contact list with as much detail as you can, like location, birthdays, etc. This is how SIRI will help you contact and find friends, make appointments and more. If you have not done this and ask SIRI to call your wife for example, SIRI will politely says something like, I’m sorry, but I don’t know who that is, and in fact I don’t know who you are? She or He will even tell you how to fix that!

Support website from Apple for SIRI or

My playlist on YouTube with funny and helpful Siri tips and tricks

Also make sure SIRI is enabled on your device by going into:

  • “Settings”
  • “General”
  • “Siri”

Make sure Siri is turned on and select if you want to Allow “Hey Siri”, which voice you prefer Siri to be in, and it’s a good time to make sure the “My Info” has your contact info, so Siri knows who you are.

Sample list of Siri Commands

Define relationships for Siri

  • “Call me Master”
  • “My wife is ‘Jane Doe’”
  • “My brother is ‘Joe Blow’”
  • “‘Carol’ is my mom”
  • “My boss name is ‘Andria’”
  • “My dad is ‘John’”
  • Ask Siri to search Contacts
  • “When is my wife’s birthday?”
  • “What’s Joe Blows address?”
  • “What is my father’s phone number?”
  • “Who is Andria?”
  • “Show Andria‘s home email address”
  • “Show Joe Blow”
  • “Find people named Johnson”

Ask Siri to make a Phone Call or FaceTime

  • “Call Joe Blow”
  • “Call my wife on mobile”
  • “Call home”
  • “Call my mother on her work phone”
  • “Call 916 555 1212″ data-isfreecall=”false” data-isrtl=”false” data-ismobile=”false”>916 555 1212
  • “Redial last number”
  • “Return missed call”
  • “FaceTime John “
  • “FaceTime audio Jane “
  • “FaceTime video John “
  • “Check my recent calls”
  • “Check my voice mail”

Ask Siri to Send Text Messages (SMS)

  • “Send a message to Carol”
  • “Send a message to John saying ‘Let’s have dinner tonight’”
  • “Send a message to Mom on her mobile saying ‘I am running late’”
  • “Text my mom and dad saying ‘Let’s have dinner tomorrow evening’”
  • “Text John and Jane saying ‘Where are you?’”
  • “Send a message to 916 555 1212″ data-isfreecall=”false” data-isrtl=”false” data-ismobile=”false”>916 555 1212
  • Ask Siri to Read Text Messages (SMS)
  • “Read my new messages”
  • “Read it again”
  • Ask Siri to Reply to Text Messages
  • “Reply ‘I miss you too’”
  • “Reply ‘I will arrive in 20 minutes’”
  • “Call her on mobile”

Ask Siri about Voice Mail

  • “Do I have new voice mail?”
  • “Play my last voice mail”
  • “Play voice mail from Carol”

Siri Email Commands

Ask Siri to Send Email Messages

  • “New email to Joe Blow”
  • “Email Carol and Sue and say ‘I am going out of town this Friday’”
  • “Email mom about the trip”
  • “Mail John about the concert tickets”

Ask Siri to Check Email Messages

  • “Check email”
  • “Read my last email”
  • “Do I have any new messages?”
  • “Any new email from my Dad today?”
  • “Show the email from Sue yesterday”
  • “Show new mail about the football game”

Ask Siri to Respond to Email Messages

  • “Reply ‘Hey Dad, let’s watch Scandal tonight”
  • “Call him at work”

Ask Siri About Messages

  • “Read my notifications”

Ask Siri to Locate Friends and Family

  • “Where is my wife?”
  • “Is my wife at home?”
  • “Where is my Dad?”
  • “Where are all my friends?”
  • “Who is near me?”

Siri Commands for Calendar

  • “Schedule a meeting with Sue tomorrow at 3 PM”
  • “Schedule a conference call with John today at 2 PM”
  • “Schedule a meeting about the new acquisition at 4 PM”
  • “schedule meeting about renovations at 5PM tomorrow in the conference room
  • “Set up a meeting at 11 AM”
  • “Set up a meeting with Brad at 9 AM”
  • “New appointment with Brenda Tuesday at noon”
  • “Meet with Sue at 6PM?

Ask Siri to change events

  • “Reschedule 6 PM meeting to 9 PM”
  • “Reschedule my 9 AM meeting today”
  • “Reschedule my appointment with Dr. Miller to next Tuesday at 8am”
  • “Move my 1pm meeting to 3:00 PM”
  • “Add Bill to 3:00 meeting”
  • “Add Sue to meeting with Bill”
  • “Cancel the sales meeting”

Ask Siri about your events

  • “What’s on my calendar today?
  • “What’s on my calendar tomorrow?
  • “What’s on my calendar for Tuesday?”
  • “When is my next meeting”
  • “Where is my next meeting?”
  • “When is my next appointment?”
  • “When am I meeting with my Dad?”

Ask Siri to set a Reminder

  • “Remind me to check the mail”
  • “Remember to stop by the bank”

Time based reminders

  • “Remind me to call mom at 4 PM”
  • “Remind me to walk the dogs at 7am tomorrow”
  • “Remind me to leave work at 5 PM”

Location based reminders

  • “Remind me to water the plants when I get home”
  • “Remind me to stop by the dry cleaners when I leave work”
  • “Remind me to call Brenda when I leave”

Ask Siri to Create and Find Notes

  • “Create note: Door pass code is one two three two”
  • “Note that I spent $30 on dinner”
  • “Create list note
  • “Find my shopping list note”
  • “Add Michael Jackson to my song list note”

Time and Alarm Functions

Ask Siri to set or change Alarms

  • “Set an alarm for 6 AM”
  • “Wake me up tomorrow at 7 AM”
  • “Wake me up on weekdays at 7 AM”
  • “Wake me up on weekends at 10 AM”
  • “Wake me up in 4 hours”
  • “Change my 7 AM alarm to 6:30 AM”
  • “Show all alarms”
  • “Turn off my 5:30 alarm”
  • “Delete my 5:30 alarm”
  • “Turn off all alarms”

Ask Siri to check the time

  • “What time is it?”
  • “What is today’s date?”
  • “What time is it in Los Angeles?”
  • “What time is it in Germany?”
  • “What’s the date this Thursday?”

Ask Siri to use a Timer

  • “Set the timer for 10 minutes”
  • “Show the timer”
  • “Reset the timer”
  • “Stop the timer”
  • “Resume the timer”
  • “Change timer”

Ask Siri for Maps and Directions

  • “How do I get home?”
  • “Directions to home”
  • “Directions to my Doctors Office”
  • “Take me to my wife”
  • “Show my current location”
  • “Show me Union Station”
  • “Show me directions from my house to Starbucks”

Ask Siri about Local Businesses

  • “Find pizza near me”
  • “Find Starbucks near me”
  • “Good Mexican restaurants near me”
  • “Find a gas station near me”
  • “Show me the closest hospital”
  • “Show ATMs near me”
  • “Show me the nearest WiFi hotspots”

Siri Commands: How to play Music using Siri

  • “Play Jazz music”
  • “Play exercise playlist”
  • “Play work playlist”
  • “Play the album ‘The New Classic’”
  • “Play the album ‘The New Classic’ shuffled”
  • “Play Michael Jackson”
  • “Play ‘Beat It’”
  • “Pause music”
  • “Stop music”
  • “Resume music
  • “Skip track”
  • “Play previous track”
  • “What music is playing?”
  • “Play Garth Brooks on iTunes radio”

Ask Siri about the Weather

  • “What’s the weather like today?”
  • “What’s the temperature outside?”
  • “What’s the weather for tomorrow?”
  • “What’s the forecast for this weekend?”
  • “How’s the weather in Lake Tahoe right now?”
  • “Will it rain in Sacramento this week?”
  • “Check next week’s forecast for Reno, Nevada”
  • “What’s the high for Sacramento on Thursday?”
  • “When is sunrise in Reno?”
  • “When is sunset in Sacramento?”

Ask Siri to check Stocks

  • “How is the stock market doing today?”
  • “What is the Dow at?”
  • “Where is the Nasdaq at today?”
  • “Show me the stock information for Apple”
  • “What is Apple’s stock price?”
  • “What did Apple close at today?”
  • “What is Sony’s PE ratio?”

Ask Siri to search the Web

  • “Search the web for best Windows tablets”
  • “Search for baked chicken recipes”
  • “Search the web for best smartphones”
  • “Search for news about the November Elections”
  • “Search Google for Siri commands”
  • “Search Google for top jazz albums”
  • “Google upcoming tablets”
  • “Search Wikipedia for Steve Jobs”
  • “Search Bing for upcoming movies”
  • “Bing upcoming smartphones”
  • “Search Twitter for Tech Tv“
  • “Search Yahoo for what’s happening in China”

Ask Siri to search the Web for Images

  • “Search for images of Jane Doe”
  • “Search for images of Mount Rushmore”
  • “Search for images of Marilyn Monroe”

Ask Siri to Launch an App

  • “Play Angry Birds”
  • “Open Music”
  • “Launch Spotify”
  • “See Apples list above”

Ask Siri to Change Phone Settings

  • “Turn on airplane mode”
  • “Turn on Wi-Fi”
  • “Turn on Bluetooth”
  • “Turn on ‘do not disturb’”
  • “Turn up brightness of display”
  • “Display privacy settings”
  • “Is Bluetooth on?”
  • “Open Phone Settings”

Ask Siri to Change App Settings

  • “Open music settings”
  • “Open mail settings”
  • “Open Twitter settings”

Ask Siri to Post to Facebook

  • “Post on Facebook ‘On my way to the party’”
  • “Write on my wall ‘Having a great time’

Ask Siri to Post to Twitter

  • “Tweet I love my iPhone 6 plus hashtag iPhone”
  • “Tweet visit“
  • “Post to Twitter ‘fuzzyhead is awesome!’”
  • “Tweet ‘What is your favorite phone, hashtag mobilephone”
  • “Tweet my location ‘Having fun in Sacramento!’”
  • “Search Twitter for best WordPress tips”
  • “What’s trending on Twitter”

Ask Siri about Movie Theaters

  • “What movies are coming out this weekend?”
  • “What movies are playing near me?”
  • “Find movie theaters in Carson City, Nevada”
  • “Find movie theaters near my house”
  • “What are the best movies playing right now?”
  • “What G-Rated movies are playing?”
  • “What action movies are playing”

Ask Siri about Movies

  • “Show me reviews of the movie ‘Catching Fire’”
  • “Show me ratings for ‘Catching Fire’”
  • “Play the trailer for ‘Catching Fire’”
  • “Who directed “Catching Fire?”
  • “When was the movie ‘Catching Fire’ released?”
  • “Who starred in the movie ‘The Godfather Part 1’?”
  • “What movie won best picture in 1974?”
  • “How many movies has Johnny Depp been in?”

Ask Siri about Restaurants

  • “Show me restaurant information for Cheesecake Factory in Reno”
  • “Show me reviews for Cheesecake Factory in Reno”
  • “I need a reservation tonight at the China Wok”
  • “Show me good Mexican restaurants near me”
  • “Table for four in Sacramento, CA Friday Night”

Ask Siri about Sports

  • “Show me football scores from Sunday”
  • “Show me NFL standings”
  • “When do the Forty Niners play next?”
  • “Show me the Giants season schedule”
  • “Which NFL team has the most yards?”
  • “Show me the roster of the SF Giants”
  • “Show me career statistics for Joe Montana”

Math Commands

  • “What is 76 x 3?”
  • “What is 3 to the 9th power?”
  • “What is the square root of 277?”
  • “How many ounces in a cup?”
  • “How much is $100 in Canadian dollars?”
  • “What is a 20% tip on $172?”

Ask a question using Wolfram Alpha

  • “What planes are flying above me right now?”
  • “What’s the price of gasoline in Reno, NV?”
  • “How tall is Sylvester Stallone?”
  • “How many calories in a soda?”
  • “How far away is Saturn?”
  • “What’s the population of China?”
  • “How many days until Thanksgiving?”
  • “What are the properties of chartreuse?”
  • “What is the nutritional information for a bowl of Chex?”
  • “Earthquakes, Hawaii, 1985?
  • “cumulonimbus cloud”
  • “How many degrees are in 3 radians?”
  • “What is the wavelength of 500MHz?”
  • “What is the molecular structure of corundum?”
  • “What notes are in a B minor chord?”
  • “What is “Help me, I’m lost” in Morse Code?”
  • “What is the molecular weight of caffeine?”


Show Accessibility Settings

  • Turn on Voice Over
  • Turn Off Voice Over

A SIRI Experience For All

I have always believed in speech recognition technology, even though it is not perfect, it’s a really great start. While a lot of the time the results can be amusing or frustrating to some, if you use it and learn how it works it can really be useful. Amazon is releasing a new technology that will bring this voice recognition to all. It of course will have its issues as well, but as with any of the current speech technologies, it can be fun and useful. The device will be available soon on Amazon.

50 Tips for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

50 Tips for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus running IOS 8

The list below are items from the video listed which are features for an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus.

Show Accessibility Settings
Turn on Voice Over
Turn Off Voice Over
Hide Quick-type
Easily send photos/videos and audio in messages
Better photo syncing through photo and camera setting and much more.
Selectively clear your browser cache
Location based shortcuts on lock screen. Like when you are near a Starbucks you will see an icon on lower left of screen and you can go right into their Application.
Customize mail options
Quickly hide a draft of email by dragging down
Lots of options on mail messages by swiping to the left
More choices on notification banners
Third party keyboards
Recent contact and favorites on top of screen from multitasking screen
Easily delete all or only selected notifications
Fine tune exposure in camera
Time-lapse photos
Built in quick tips
Enable do not disturb for individual contact or chat
Enhanced spotlight search
Custom sharing options
Better App categories
More photo editing options
Add travel time to calendar notifications
Auto song wish-list from SIRI searches
Battery usage control
More search engine choices like Duck Duck Go
Better formatting options in notes
Improved weather updates
Hand-off feature
Health Apps
Scan credit card options in Safari
WiFi calling
Ability to hide photos
Raise to listen which works for audio messages and to use SIRI
Auto erase text messages options
Disable notifications for specific Apps
“Hey SIRI” when plugged in
Easily purchase music right from listening screen
Voice dictation improvements
Family sharing
Send last location, great for finding your phone when battery dies
Speak screen option
Grey-scale mode to save battery
Ask SIRI what song is playing