Think you are brave?

Think you are brave? Think again! This haunt has a waiting list of 24,000 people and to date, nobody has completed the whole thing. Not really anything to do with Pirates, but cool anyway. The attraction only allows 2 people in a group and has up to 7 Plus hours of creepy stuff, but people only last between 2 to 4 hours on average. Watch this video, and you will see why.


iPhone 6 Plus Optical Image Stabilization

How cool is the new iPhone 6 plus optical image stabilization? Well, no doubt its going to be good, as I am sure the image stabilizer in some of the other models like Samsung will be. If you have a phone with no image stabilization, you now have an option to buy one of these, and add that to your arsenal of video capabilities. It is however fairly expensive, but if you do a lot of video shooting, it is the coolest solution I have seen yet, and if your phone has optical image stabilization, this should make you feel even better about that.

IOS 8 Updates

Just some of the highlights for updates features with the newest IOS 8

  • Messaging Enhancements
  • Insert photo by pressing and holding in notes allows you to insert
  • Quick-type or predictive text updated
  • Group Texting Improvements
  • Many SIRI Enhancements
  • Family Sharing
  • iCloud Drive
  • Spotlight improvements
  • Photos Updates
  • Camera Updates
  • Multitask improvements, double tap home and see favorites
  • Email updates such as slide to left and new icons for reply, archive etc.
  • Auto mobile version of website, now swipe down from address bar to request desktop site
  • Multiple Keyboards
  • Health Apps
  • Ability to send and receive calls from iPad over WiFi
  • Settings-Grayscale-saves battery
  • Apple Pay

IOS 8 Updates