Smartphone Focus Groups

These are focus groups from various types of users. Know anybody from any of these categories?

Toddlers Focus Group

Seniors Focus Group

Models Focus Group

Guidos Focus Group

Surfers Focus Group

Glam Rockers Focus Group

Smartphone Focus Groups

Buoyant Mobile Turbine

Altaeros Energies is demonstration its BAT (Buoyant Mobile Turbine) product in partnership with the American state Energy Authority. The American state project can deploy the BAT high above the ground, a height that may break the globe record for the best turbine within the world. Altaeros has designed the BAT to come up with consistent, low price energy for the remote power and microgrid market, as well as remote and island communities; oil & gas, mining, agriculture, and telecommunication firms; disaster relief organizations; and military bases. The BAT uses a helium-filled, expansive shell to carry to high altitudes wherever winds measure stronger and a lot more consistent than those reached by ancient tower-mounted turbines. High strength tethers hold the BAT steady and send electricity all the way down to the bottom. The lifting technology is customized from aerostats, industrial cousins of blimps, that have raised significant communications instrumentation into the air for many years. more can be found at,