3D Art Galleries

3D Art Galleries can be used in some creative ways and these are just a couple of samples of how these can look.

This first sample is a web-based presentation sample and the user can choose from 3 modes for viewing the gallery, this gallery is under construction.


3D Art Galleries

This gallery is fully interactive and the user has complete control over the experience. It’s the next best thing to being there!

Whenever I want to see the latest technology for just about anything on the web, I first look to Google because they are always innovating and creating amazing things that never cease to amaze me. This link shows an online art gallery combined with their street level detailed mapping to give a very realistic “virtual visit” to a site.

Visit it here

Another 3D Art Gallery example


This gallery is designed to be downloaded and viewed outside of your browser


This Gallery is embedded in the website, is fully interactive and they have apps to view the gallery on mobile devices.

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