T-Mobile Ripped Me Off

1-24-2014 – Yah! Finally have a phone that works reliably again. Hopefully my complaint will be noticed so others do not get ripped off!

The last thing I am still dealing with, is now that I have paid for the phone, (Almost $500 plus another $110 bill) they said it will take about 2 weeks for them to unlock the phone, which if I am to take the phone to another provider I will have to stay in service with them until they unlock the phone! This is almost comical at this point and seems like a scam. Does it make sense to anyone else that it would take two weeks to unlock a phone! Highly unlikely!

As much as I was disappointed with AT&T and  I was looking for an alternative Cell Phone providers, I decided to give T-Mobile a try, here is what happened.

They told me my area had great coverage when I signed up for new service, and after three months of trying they were unable to provide coverage at my location and their tech support even determined that indeed my area does not have coverage. A fact which supposedly they would tell anyone new signing up in this area. I am tempted to call as a new customer and test this theory but at this point I am sick of dealing with this issue and am only taking the time to tell others so they do not get defrauded as well.

The only option they ga ve me was to buy the phone from them outright for almost $500 plus what I have already paid them which will amount to over $1000. They told me I could have turned the device in earlier without this “penalty” – funny how they kept recommending different “troubleshooting steps” until they kept me as a customer and I was not told until everything had been exhausted,  that they do not offer coverage in my area right now. This is outright fraud and is just not right!

I have filed a complaint with the FTC and it will probably go nowhere but I think if enough people who have had similar issues take the time to complain, then these giant companies might be held accountable!

If you have been scammed or defrauded in some way, please take the time. My last Google search for “TMobile Fraud” showed over 216,000 hits!!!

T-Mobile Ripped Me Off

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