Mobile Websites

Most of the websites we are designing for people through WordPress have a “Mobile Friendly” version that can be automatically created as part of the main website, but there will still be occasions where a true “Mobile Version” can be useful or even create and publish your own ‘iPhone App” or “Mobile App” It’s worth mentioning that a “Mobile Website” is just a version of your site designed to work well on mobile devices, while a “Mobile App” can be purchased at the iTunes store or Android marketplace and is an app that runs on the device. More on this later.

This website and my “Pirate Website” are both great examples of sites that work very well across almost all devices out there

All you have to do is look down any street, in any public place, or probably even in your own pocket, and there can be no question that mobile devices are going to be the primary way people will look for information and services online!

Of course your main website will always be very important but having a “Mobile Version” is a necessity that can not be overlooked and there are some really great solutions to help you with this.

If you are just in the design stages of getting your website online I recommend insuring you have a mobile friendly version of your site created at the same time.

There are many ways to handle this and we will help you with this as well.

Use this Google Mobile Website Analyzer to see if your site is “Mobile Friendly”

Mobile Websites

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